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Frequently asked questions about Rotterdam

Throughout the years Rotterdam has become more and more popular among tourists, students, expats and companies. We noticed that there are a lot of questions about our beautiful city so we listed some of the frequently asked questions for you.

Why is Rotterdam one of the biggest harbors in the world?

The port of Rotterdam is the largest port and industrial complex in Europe. Between 1962 and 2004 Rotterdam had the largest port in the world. This position has now been taken over by Shanghai. The port of Rotterdam is very important for the economy and therefore you can find a lot of port and ship related companies in the port district.

Why is Rotterdam a city of architecture?

Rotterdam presents itself as a city of architecture. The high-rise buildings in the city center and famous icons such as the Erasmus Bridge and the Euromast define the Skyline of Rotterdam and have a beautiful architectural appearance. Also, the Markthal, De Rotterdam and the Cube Houses are amazing architecture projects and important tourist attractions. A must see during your stay in Rotterdam.

Why are there mainly modern and new buildings in Rotterdam?

Unfortunately, Rotterdam was badly hit during the second World War. On May 14th 1940, German bombers destroyed almost the entire historic city center during a fifteen-minute bombing, partly due to the fires that started. As from then the people of Rotterdam has successfully started to rebuild the city into its current beautiful appearance.

Why is Rotterdam a multicultural society?

Rotterdam has a multicultural society. That is why you come across so many people of different nationalities. The city has taken over many traditions from other nationalities. For example, Sum-mer Carnival Rotterdam is a tropical carnival festival that consists of 25 different tropical carnival traditions. From a small cultural artistic group, consisting of Curaçao and Aruban carnivalists, the Summer Carnival became a large-scale multicultural melting pot. Because of the many nationalities there is also a variety in food in Rotterdam. You can find food from almost every culture. Try to figure out which one is your favorite, during your next stay in Rotterdam.

These were some frequently asked questions about Rotterdam. If you have any other questions, please ask our reception team. We are happy to help you!


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