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Back To School

It’s almost that time again; Time to start thinking about back to school. At PREMIER SUITES, we welcome students both third-level, Uni and mature to our convenient, comfortable, and spacious serviced apartments in Reading.  We offer more than traditional Uni digs. Our exclusive long-stay discounts apply to students or families who book directly with one of our team or on our website, so you have more to spend getting to know Reading outside of class time. Parents who want to accompany their children to University and ensure they settle into on-campus accommodation will have a great place to stay near the campus.

Schools in Berkshire

There are over 380 schools in Berkshire, 57 of which are private schools and 23 are private boarding schools. The high standards of decorum and education attract students from all over the UK and overseas. We often accommodate parents of students starting school in a new location, allowing them to explore the town while being on hand to care for their children in the first few weeks of school. PREMIER SUITES is a short distance from many local schools and a bus ride from others. We also offer private, peaceful accommodation to University and mature students who are dedicated to their studies and need a place to live for a term or as a stopgap between more permanent accommodation in Reading. We are within walking distance of the prestigious Reading University and our links to public transport and the M4 make us the ideal accommodation to commute for classes.

High Standards

Typically, student accommodation is not very well regulated. There are few standards and safety regulations and when there are they are often not well-enforced. Students also face issues like overcrowding and sharing with peers whose motivation and schedules do not match with their own. This can lead to a stressful environment for dedicated students and affect their focus and grades. At our student accommodation in Reading our suites are furnished and decorated to the highest standards. Our safety, security and fire prevention standards are high across the board and monitored by our team every day. We provide a place for students or their families to enjoy the town like a home from home.


It’s the little things that make accommodation stand out. If you’re a student staying in PREMIER SUITES Reading, you can enjoy a safe and secure stay whether you’re here long or short-term. Our reception is open 7 days a week and we’re happy to help with any concerns you have or just to stop for a chat to start your day. If we’re not here in person, there is a 24-hour contact number so you can get in touch any time. We offer little extras like a bike hire program so you can skip the bus, or a discount for a local gym so you can work off some of those student stresses. In your suite, you’ll find a stocked coffee machine and our Wi-Fi in complementary and high-speed, ideal for home study or getting assignments done. If you’re not home all day but need to do a shop, we’d be happy to store it for you until you return. Long-stay guests can never invite their furry friends to enjoy a stay with them for stays longer than 28 days.


You cannot put a price on privacy, especially as a student. Don’t risk your studies by sharing with noisy, messy housemates. Instead, book a stay in PREMIER SUITES and enjoy complete privacy and you only have to clean up after yourself. Cook the food you want, when you want it in the fully equipped kitchen and relax after a hard day studying in front of the TV. You don’t even have to clean up after yourself with our weekly housekeeping service (more frequent if requested). We offer one and two-bedroom suites, ideal for families or peers who want to share the cost. If you or a loved one is planning a trip to check out a school, starting a new school or continuing your education, PREMIER SUITES offer the ideal accommodation in Reading. Our best available rates are exclusively available on our website or by contacting one of our friendly team.


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