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A solo travel guide to discover Rotterdam

Is going to a big city that you don’t know a threshold for you? Even a weekend trip, a dinner or maybe a visit to the movies can be quite a challenge for many to do alone. Rotterdam is one of the most exciting cities in the Netherlands and is therefore a must do to visit. A modern impressive skyline with many examples of innovative architecture and reflective towers, you have a lot to see and therefore the adventure of doing it alone.

Do you dare to explore Rotterdam on your own? Of course you have some questions and you might not know how to start this adventure. We have listed a number of useful tips for you to have the best time on your own.

Leave with a positive attitude

Rotterdam is a perfect trip to do on your own, especially if you don’t have to travel that far. If you are travelling alone for the first time, you might want to test first whether traveling alone is really your cup of tea. Start a little closer to home and go for a weekend to Rotterdam for example.

Apart from the fact that you’ re further from home, you may feel less safe when travelling solo. This is quite normal because you have no other person with you who is there for you all the time. The Netherlands is in the top of the safest countries in the world and you don’t have to worry too much about that. Besides, the Dutch are known for being very open and speaking their minds. They are very social people by nature who like to chat and speak to you in a friendly way, even if they don’t know you! An ideal environment to travel solo.

Take the comfort of home with you to Rotterdam

Would you like to have the comfort of your own place as you experience it at home? Would you like to have breakfast on your own or would you rather watch a movie in the evening after a day out in the city? When you travel alone it doesn’t mean you always have to go and do something, eat something at a restaurant or discover the city until it’s too late in the evening. You can certainly make yourself comfortable and experience the peace and comfort you are used to at home.

PREMIER SUITES PLUS Rotterdam is located in the middle of the vibrant city of Rotterdam and offers the perfect alternative to a luxurious hotel. You enjoy your own serviced apartment with a private room, bathroom and kitchenette. Perfect for both long and short stays and you can enjoy the feeling of being at home at a distance. This way you can make your own morning eggs as you would at home or prepare that one delicious dish that reminds you of home.

Are you travelling alone as a woman? If so, PREMIER SUITES is in the perfect location with its central location. This way you don’t have to walk far in the dark to a deserted place and you can go safely to your apartment at all times.

Check out our availability and we will be happy to welcome you.

You don’t have to be all alone

The fact that you travel solo may seem a bit lonely to some people, but this shouldn’t scare you off, because this is the ideal way to get to know yourself better. The biggest advantage is obviously that you are really completely free. You have the freedom to do whatever you like. You don’t have to discuss with anyone what you are going to do or where you are going to eat. So enjoy as much as possible the peace and freedom you have on your own and bring a good book to keep you company. Ideal to fill in the quiet moments!

Would you like to have some more social contact during your trip? Keep in touch with your friends and family to avoid feeling very lonely. You may love to travel solo, but you may find it terrible to eat alone every day. Get over your shyness and try to make contact with someone more quickly, you are probably not always the only traveller or the only one who is sitting alone.


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