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15 ways to enjoy Dublin the Irish way

For a small nation set on the edge of Europe, Ireland sure has made an impact on the global scene. We are the home of world-class music and literature; the finest food and drink exports and we can really hold our own on a rugby field. Here are our favourite ways to get the best of Irish culture when on your Dublin tour.


    FX Buckley Dublin which as restaurants dotted around the city.
  • We’re called the Emerald Isle, not because of the precious stones but because of the lush greenery across the country. Ireland is so green because we’re also one of the rainiest destinations in the world! Good grass means happy cows and delicious dairy produce. Try Kerrygold Butter and Charleville cheese and thank us later.
  • You may already know that we’re famed for our love of potatoes! Roast, boiled, baked and fried, we love the humble spud. Visit Leo Burdocks for the best home cup chips in the world.


  • It wouldn’t be an Irish list without giving a mention to the worlds most famous Stout, Guinness. Dublin has been the proud home of the black stuff for over 250 years now and going strong.
  • A favorite on the Irish whiskey scene is Jameson, a blended whiskey brewed in Middleton Cork. It is officially the most popular Irish Whiskey in the world with over 20 million bottles sold annually.
  • A sweet sister of Irish Whiskey is Irish Cream Liqueur, made from whiskey cream and other flavorings. Baileys is the best after-dinner treat we can imagine.


  • We’re nothing if not musical in Ireland with our traditional music being played around the world decades after it was written. An Irish band called The Dubliners offers a slightly more modern version of the classics.
  • One of our more modern local talents who has taken the US by storm in the past couple of years is Hozier. His indie/blues/pop style is so unique and brilliant we’re surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.
  •  A huge name of the Irish music scene is legendary rock band U2 with notorious frontman Bono. We don’t need to elaborate on this one!

History and Art

  • Ireland has a fascinating and very colourful history dating back to 1200BC and the arrival of the Celts. Dublin has some fantastic museums packed with ancient artifacts and manuscripts to learn from.
  • We have also produced some truly world-class artists, both modern, contemporary and traditional. Explore some of their works in the galleries dotted around Dublin city.
  • One of the most fascinating things about Ireland is our culture of emigration both in and out of the country. EPIC explores the history of the Irish diaspora and emigration to other countries and lets you learn about your Irish roots.


  •  Ireland has a truly world-class rugby team, even beating the consistent world no.1s, the All Blacks more than once! The Aviva Stadium is the home of Rugby in Dublin but there are many local teams deserving of a mention.
  • Gaelic Football is one of our national sports that tends to shock those who have never seen a match. It’s a rough game consisting of 15-aside, a leather ball and a lot of pushing a shoving. It’s been described as a mixture between American Football and Aussie Rules.
  • Hurling is another national sport mainly played on the Island of Ireland. A wooden stick called a hurl (or Hurley or camán) is used to try to get a leather-bound ball through huge goals on either end of a 145m pitch and not get yourself flattened by the opposing team in the process. It’s home in Dublin in Croke Park, the countries largest stadium.

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