At PREMIER SUITES, we are dedicated to ensuring a relaxing and comfortable experience for all guests – both man and man’s best friend alike. Should you require information about local veterinarians, groomers, or our additional pet-friendly suites services, simply ask our team.

Pet Fees

Pets are welcome in our suites for all extended stay guests (excess of 28 consecutive nights) with a nightly charge of €10 per pet. Pets must be supervised at all times and must be on a leash in public places.  *Rate exclusive of tax.

Check in

All guests are provided with:

  • Map of local parks and suitable walks
  • Welcome letter with rules and regulations.

In Room

  • Guest brings own bedding for the animal

Guests with Allergies

For our guests with allergies, we want to assure you that our animal guests will not affect your stay. We have taken every step necessary to ensure that all traces of their stay are removed and rooms systematically cleaned.

All rooms occupied by guests with pets will not be open again for at least 12 hours after their departure to ensure proper cleaning and aeration time. After each pet's stay:

  • All bedding, including the duvet cover, feather topper, duvet insert, pillows, and blankets, is removed, dry-cleaned, and replaced.
  • The mattress is checked and mattress protector replaced.
  • Carpet is heavily vacuumed and thoroughly shampooed.
  • Windows are left open to allow for proper ventilation.
  • All upholstery is completely dry-cleaned.

We have also taken the necessary steps to ensure you will not have any unwanted encounters with a pet. All guests are required to sign a waiver upon check-in agreeing to keep their pet on a leash or in a carrier while in public areas, out of all dining areas, and prevent noise, or any other disturbance by the pet.

General Terms & Conditions

Cats and dogs are welcome at all participating PREMIER SUITES properties for extended stay guests. Accepting reservations for guests with any other animal is at the property’s discretion.

In general, the weight limit of a pet shall be 40 pounds or less. Dogs over 40 pounds may be allowed at the hotel's discretion and should be discussed with the General Manager prior to accepting the reservation.

Guests travelling with pets will be required to sign a waiver at check-in, agreeing to uphold the guidelines of the hotel's pet policy:

  • Keep pet on a leash or in a carrier while in public areas.
  • Keep pet out of any food & beverage areas.
  • Notify the reception desk when leaving the pet unattended in the guest room regarding the duration for which guest will be away.
  • Prevent noise, or any other disturbance by the pet, in the interest of other hotel guests.
  • Pay for any additional cleaning bills or repairs should they be required.

All fees are non-refundable.