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From Brussels airport to Antwerp: Most efficient ways to get to Antwerp

So, you’ve booked your flights for your trip, you’ve secured excellent accommodation in PREMIER SUITES Antwerp and you’re all packed and ready to do. But have you planned how to get from the airport to Antwerp City Centre? Don’t be left stranded at Brussels Airport, read our handy guide for the most efficient ways to get to the city centre. There a number of ways to get to Antwerp, some more expensive or faster than others so choose the method that best suits you.

Travel by Taxi

Taking a taxi is convenient, but not your cheapest option. Your journey will take around 36 minutes in light traffic, which can never be guaranteed. Taxis from the airport do not have a set fare but work on a metered system. The journey will cost approximately €60-€100 depending on your exact destination in Antwerp, best shared between 4 (which is also the maximum a standard taxi can accommodate). You can pick up a taxi very easily at the taxi rank just outside the doors of the arrivals hall or pre-book one to collect you. You might also look into private bus transfers for larger groups.

Travel by Train

The combination of cheapest and quickest way to travel between Brussels Airport and Antwerp is by train. Tickets for the comfortable 35-minute journey will costs as little as €17.30 one-way and the carriages are clean, safe and comfortable. The train is ideal for those travelling on a budget or wanting to enjoy some of the gorgeous views of the city. A direct train runs from Brussels Airport to Antwerp every 30 minutes so if you miss one, settle in with a coffee as you won’t have long to wait. The Brussels Airport Train Station is located on Level -1 of the airport which you can access through the second level of the arrival’s hall or the third level of the departure’s hall. It’s a little awkward manoeuvring through the airport and station if you have lots of baggage but a very short 3-minute walk from the train station to PREMIER SUITES Antwerp once you alight.

Travel by Bus

Your second public transport option between the airport and the city is the bus. A less popular option to a taxi or train, the bus departs from the airport once an hour bringing you directly to the city. A direct bus ticket will cost just €10 making it the cheapest of all but it can be awkward when travelling with luggage. The bus journey takes 45 minutes in light traffic, but you can never guarantee that traffic won’t hold you up so don’t rely on the bus if you are in a hurry. You can only purchase your ticket in cash, directly from the driver on the bus, so be sure to carry change in Euro. The Airport Express bus stop is on Level 0 of the arrival’s hall. Walk across to stop D and take a seat while you wait for your bus to arrive.

Travel by Hire Car

Another quick way to get between Brussels Airport and Antwerp is to hire a car. It will cost more initially but it could save you money on taxis and transport, especially if you are planning to travel further afield during your trip. There are many rental companies offering rates in the airport, but we always recommend making your reservation before you leave so you can compare the best rates and choose wisely. Also, make sure your excess is covered to avoid a hefty addition to your rental cost. You may need to use google maps or hire a sat nav to easily direct yourself to Antwerp and the journey should take just 30 minutes. There is plenty of secure discounted car parking available at PREMIER SUITES Antwerp when you arrive.

If you’d like any more information about transport between Antwerp and Brussels Airport, our friendly staff are always available to help. If you’d like access to our exclusive special offers or guaranteed best available rates, make sure to make your booking directly on our website or by calling one of our friendly reservations team. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful city!

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