We know that travelling can be stressful and guests can miss their home comforts and usual routine.
While we could never replace the feeling of stepping into your own home, we’ve introduced PS Life to help make your stay as close to your own home life as possible.

PS Life

PS Social

This initiative brings our long stay guests together and creates a community within PREMIER SUITES.

PS Social gives our guests a platform to communicate with each other and arrange social activities between themselves, while also attending a monthly evening arranged by the property.


The Wellbeing programme encourages travellers to maintain their healthy eating and fitness routines while travelling, regardless of location, abilities or time constraints.

The vision is to facilitate, support and inspire our guests in gaining improved health and wellbeing during their stay in their own time and privacy.

We offer: 

Pet Friendly

We are dedicated to ensuring a relaxing and comfortable experience for all guests – both man and man’s best friend alike. Pets are welcome in suites for all extended stay guests.

We have a comprehensive pet policy which ensures all apartments are completely deep cleaned on departure.


Security is one of our main areas of focus, particularly for our single and female travellers. We understand that every guest has different needs and we aim to make our suites considerate of solo travellers and lone female guests.

All suites operate a comprehensive solo guest programme, covering key areas of security and measures implemented to ensure guests feel protected at all times.

Homegrown Greens

Homegrown Greens brings the outdoors indoors, with a unique selection of herbs or garden based within the property.

Homegrown Greens is available to everyone that stays with PREMIER SUITES.  Full of fresh, home grown herbs and in some cases salad and vegetables too! Available for you to pick and use for cooking in your apartment.

Mobility Mojo

PREMIER SUITES are always working towards a more inclusive environment and take the subject of accessibility for our guests very seriously, especially with the growing demand in the sector. We have teamed up with an award-winning company specialised in providing easy to access information for people requiring special accessibility needs, Mobility Mojo.

Guests can simply browse our hotel’s website and link to the accessibility rating page whereby they can see their ‘standard of accessibly rating’ which ranges from bronze to platinum. This tool is proving very popular as accessibility is an issue for many people from parents travelling with infants in a pram to someone on crutches or using a walking stick. Not only do PREMIER SUITES audit their properties for wheelchair accessibility, we also rate other areas including voice announcements in lifts, braille letters on buttons, subtitles on TVs and alarm cords in bedrooms for emergency assistance. 

Want to experience PS Life for yourself? Visit any one of our 15 locations throughout Ireland, UK, Belgium or The Netherlands

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