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Sustainability Stay at PREMIER SUITES Birmingham

Sustainability is becoming a bigger issue in society. Governments, industries, and individuals are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and making real and measurable changes to lower their impact. Tourism alone is responsible for 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. As more and more people travel each year, this footprint is growing. Our serviced apartments in Birmingham are making changes to reduce the impact of our accommodation and our guests on the local environment. We understand the importance of keeping the environment around us as clean and toxin-free as possible so future generations can enjoy it as well as we do.

Our Building

We’re working to make our building as eco-friendly as possible to ensure we reduce waste and water usage, reduce energy waste while keeping the standard of our accommodation in Birmingham as high as always. At PREMIER SUITES Birmingham rainwater is collected and used for watering the plant or other suitable purposes. We promote local planting of herbs and flowers. We are supporting nature by growing herbs, flowers and other plants on our site. We offer a bike-to-work scheme to our team members and give each member a month’s free subscription to the Perkbox app so they can trial the best way to reduce their transport carbon footprint. The usage of plastic within our property has significantly reduced using The Cysoap dispensing system which meets high environmental standards. 75% of PREMIER SUITES Birmingham lighting is LED and at least 50% of our energy is from renewable sources.

Our Processes and Procedures

One of the main things we have changed in our sustainability journey is how we work. We have audited each department of the hotel to determine where changes can be made and implement more sustainable processes and procedures throughout. Reviews of our environmental performance are built into our regular health and safety inspections. If building or improvement work is set to take place within or around the property, we strive to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. We use energy surveys, improved housekeeping, control of processes and the efficient use of service engineer resources every day to reduce waste and our carbon footprint. We only use certified and trusted suppliers to supply our essentials and to dispose of the waste that we cannot avoid. Suitable information and training are always available to our employees to ensure they can make informed decisions.

Our Certifications

We are accredited by Green Tourism, a sustainability certification programme that is recognised widely. Green Tourism promotes greener ways for businesses and organisations to operate by offering guidance on reducing energy use, saving water, waste disposal, ethical buying, promoting biodiversity and more. We strive to maintain the high standards encouraged by Green Tourism and hope to renew our certificate for many years to come. We’re also happy to take suggestions about how we can improve our property’s eco-friendly status from guests and team members and we’re always looking to improve.

How Can Guests Help?

There are some small ways that guests can help us to keep our environmental impact as low as possible while reducing their own annual carbon footprint. Foregoing daily cleaning of your suite will help to reduce the use of cleaning chemicals, plastic and man hours. It seems like a small sacrifice but makes a big difference in the long run. Reusing your towels for the duration of a two or three-night stay helps to reduce laundry volume and water usage. Help us to recycle by sorting the waste generated within your suites according to the bins provided. Guests can reduce their travel footprint by walking in Birmingham or using public transport as often as possible instead of private cars or taxis. Our team are always happy to give directions or maps along with recommendations of fun things to do along the way. Shopping locally helps the local economy and saying no to that extra bag (plastic or paper) saves the trees. Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it with fresh tap or filtered water whenever you can instead of depending on single-use plastic bottles. These small sacrifices and habits are a great start to reducing your carbon footprint.

Enjoy accommodation in Birmingham that is actively working toward improving our carbon footprint when you stay with PREMIER SUITES Serviced Apartments Birmingham. Learn more about our sustainability efforts and book our best available rate exclusively when you book using our website.

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