So, has that time come in your working life?  Have you thought how you’re going to do it? No not retirement but working from home!!  Its probably just as daunting for most of us so here at PREMIER SUITES we’d thought we’d equip you with a few survival tips to help ease you into the swing of things.

  1. No driving to and from work: Use this time for a little ‘you time’ and instead of grabbing a coffee-to-go or  processed lunch, set yourself up with a great home made fresh fruit smoothie and prepare a fresh salad or open sandwich that you can keep in the fridge for lunch time. Take your time and indulge your taste buds with some new and exciting flavour combinations.
  2. Structure your day: To-do lists can seem overwhelming so why not set up a ‘default-diary’ we use them all the time to make sure we cover all those necessary facets of our daily job with an allotted time, colour code them too and you’ll soon be zipping through your day and crunching down those tasks that sometimes seem overwhelming.
  3. Chit chat can help lift your mood: Even if it’s a coupe of minutes chatting to the dog or putting the world to rights with the rabbit!  It also gives you the chance to move which not only helps our muscles but also stimulates our brain.
  4. Stay in Touch: Whether you use Microsoft Team as we do or other video chatting options you know that its good to talk.  Once you’ve done a few you’ll soon loose those nerves of sitting in from of your computer – just remember to have a mirror on hand to check your look before you dial in!!  Lippy can be a lifesaver and if you’d had toast for breakfast crumbs can often look like dandruff – not a great image for making the best impression!
  5. Take a Break: Not just the chocolate biscuit type but a real break from work can work wonders for your concentration as well as your posture.  A few minutes of stretching whilst you wait for the kettle to boil or a little dance if you’ve got the radio on in the background can really help lift your mood…and when you are back to your next section of your default diary you’ll be so much more focused after a cuppa the day will seem a breeze!

However, if you are in a pickle with lack of space or you really need to get some respite from other family members also being at home, you could grab yourself a fully self-contained apartment at PREMIER SUITES for the day….yes that’s right we let them by the day!  They are quiet, clean with lots of hand washing options, you’ve your own kitchen to keep you fueled for the day…and with high-speed Wi-Fi you can always face-time your friends and family – on a convenient break that is! Worth every penny to keep work life balance in sweet harmony whilst we are challenged in these current concerning times.

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