When working from your PREMIER SUITES spacious apartment , it is vital that our guests maintain as much of a normal routine as possible to ensure mental and physical well-being is nurtured and to promote productivity. Exercise is proven to increase happiness with the production of endorphins it stimulates, as well as improve energy levels and promote a better night’s sleep.  Furthermore, exercise is a great excuse to get up from your desk and move your body; all of which are imperative to successfully working from home.
Explore more with our effective exercises that only need you and can be done anywhere, without the need for gym equipment. 

1. Get outdoors

Cardio may not be for everyone, but the feeling of getting outdoors and getting your heart rate up certainly should be. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner you can pick up a running map from our reception with a couple of suggested routes.  When you’ve been working from home all day, sometimes all you need is a bit of fresh air to boost your mood; so even if you aren’t into running, there are plenty of other ways to increase your daily step count on your once daily outdoor activity.

2. Exercise videos

 Along with certified personal trainer Ronan Mee, we have created a range of tailored mobility and resistance exercises for our guests to complete in the comfort of their apartment. This easy to follow programme is designed for all levels of ability and can be tailored to each individuals level of fitness. Follow along using the instructional videos or the exercise cards can be downloaded to complete at your own pace.
Each exercise can be completed with minimal equipment, and in some cases none at all. Exercise mats are available to purchase from reception as well as extra towels and water. 

3. Get creative with your work equipment 

When you’re working from your serviced apartment, all you need to do is look around and you’ll find a great number of alternatives to gym equipment like your sturdy dining table or chair. There are many ways to get inventive with your workouts, which, in turn, will keep your mind sharp and creative.
Exercises using a chair:
  • Slanted push-ups
  • Side leg lifts
  • Arm reach
  • Triceps dips 

4. Resistance exercises

Working out at home does not mean you can’t build muscle. The simple solution is to incorporate higher rep workouts. Use our resistance exercises for a beneficial workout for your muscles just using your bodyweight.
For example:
5 x 15 reps - Squats
5 x 15 rep - pushups
5 x 15 rep on each side – Lunge with trunk rotation 
5 x 6 reps – T Fly 
5 x 6 reps – Y Fly 
5 x 6 reps – I Fly 
5 x Plank – try to hold for 20 seconds and work up to 60 

5. Need extra moral support?

Suffering from motivation? Build and strengthen social relationships with your friends and colleagues by starting a home workout group where you can share workout ideas and tips. It is so easy to workout together now using modern technology even if you are miles apart. Schedule a timetable so you can have a group video call, whilst working out you can offer words of encouragement and spur each other on when you feel like giving up! 

6. Stay Hydrated

Water losses via sweat (and, to a lesser extent, breathing) increase during exercise, and the harder and longer you work, the more water you lose. Follow our simple advice so your body and mind remain healthy.  
  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning every day. This is a healthy habit.
  • Keep a pitcher or large bottle of water on your desk and drink from it during the day. Your goal should be to make sure the pitcher or bottle is empty by the of the day.
  • During your work out, consume 1/2 cup fluid for every 20 minutes of exercise
When you stay with us you’ll notice our wellbeing corners in every reception area are stocked with fresh towels, drinking water and fresh fruit.
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